100 Photos: No. 6

On Monday, I was feeling better and wanting to be in nature. So my boys obliged my wish and we went out to the coast. First the Noodle went body boarding in Pacifica and then we drove home south on Highway 1. Along the way, we found a breathtaking spot called Devil's Slide and had to stop to play at the beach again. We took many pictures, including Polaroid #6. It was a truly great, soul happy kind of day.

Devil's Slide

The rest of the pictures, from the Canon, are over at Flickr in this new set. On the way home, the Noodle asked if he could take a Polaroid of some mustard flowers in Half Moon Bay. It turned out to be my last Polaroid, but I think he got a good one!

Mustard Flowers

I would like to say a special hello and welcome to any new visitors to my blog coming from Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project after she wrote such sweet, kind things about this space of mine yesterday. I was very touched by her words and if you read my comment to her in her post, you'll see it's a bit of an interesting story about the universe at work.