2 Tiny!

Last night we went to see Chris Isaak at the Mountain Winery with the "other" Js, Jamie & Jay. It was such a blast and the recent hot weather paid off as it was just beautiful on the mountain. I wore a tank top and never needed my sweater.

Chris is the man and puts on a good show, despite the rowdy gang from Cicero's Pizza in our section. Supposedly the best pizza in town, we'll have to see about that.

After the show, Chris hung around to sign merchandise and finally Jamie and I decided to buy his cd and get in line. He was really nice and smelled very good for someone who just rocked out for two hours. Jamie liked his surfer necklace.

I asked him to sign my cd to Jessica and he looked up and said "You're so tiny!"

After we walked away, I noticed how he signed my cd.

And here is a picture of me and Jay after the show with the amazing view of the valley. Just being in a picture with Jay makes me cool, he is the coolest dude I know besides Chris Isaak.