43 Things

said she was inspired by me but I was inspired by the site 43 Things.

Anyway, even though I was unable to free-form my list like she did, here are my 43 things.

I want to:

1. work more
2. have more fun
3. ride my cruiser regularly
4. find a cute, little house
5. play more with jaden
6. cook more
7. be more romantic again with my husband
8. go for walks holding hands with my husband
9. get in bed at 10 and read almost every night
10. drink more good wine
11. learn more about wine
12. learn to paint
13. play with paper
14. build rosina red designs website
15. register RRD with the city
16. breathe better
17. do yoga
18. have more balance
19. drink more water
20. create beautiful spaces
21. go camping
22. eat locally
23. stop yelling at my dog
24. let my tears out
25. blog more
26. learn photoshop and illustrator
27. get a new camera and printer
28. take a photography class
29. start photo-walking
30. keep in touch better
31. stop double-booking myself
32. be more thoughtful
33. i mean, i want to do a better job of outwardly expressing my internal thoughtfulness
34. feel passionate about my life
35. go to the movies
36. find more compassion for my dog
37. lower my standards and let go of perfectionism
38. be kind to myself
39. tolerate uncomfortable feelings
40. have an art studio to work in
41. use lulu.com for something
42. be in italy
43. speak italian fluently

and to break the mold:

44. learn to write a list in free form instead of all structured like I naturally do it. :)