58.5 Months


I remember counting your age by the month as if it was, well, yesterday (like when I took this picture of you). I am in shock that it's time to plan your fifth birthday party. It certainly is a rollercoaster ride, being your mom. Who needs Disneyland?! It's true what they say about being a mom though, my heart is not in my body but out there walking, nay galloping, around the house, park and neighborhood. Not to mention bouncing off the inflatable walls at the now-weekly Pump It Up parties, which I do apologize for finding them so cliche. I am a challenge myself, I know that sweet boy. I am not a lot of things (easy-going, loosey-goosey, tooty-fruity, silly-nilly, CatWoman) but there are a lot of things I am (in love with you).

Your Sicilian Mama Mia