A Drive Uncommon

We could all see in our rear-view mirrors that they were clearing the freeway behind us. A few folks were seriously jumping the gun here and although it happened before my very eyes, I could not tell you how that van and the car next to it made U-turns at that point in time.

And this Range Rover? Don't even get me started. She was one of the worst drivers on the planet. Various emergency vehicles used the space between her lane and the one to the right as access to the accident. The whole time she was diagonally parked in that lane, blocking what precious little access they had.

Finally one tow truck driver got out of his truck, walked over and said "MOVE YOUR CAR!"

DUH! Me and my grandpa buddy in the white truck (you can just see his bumper there) cheered after that! We had watched stupendously for an hour as she blocked the way, so cluelessly.

"Jaden," I said, "You definitely don't see this every day!"

This CHP officer made his way to each and every car
when it was their turn to make the U-turn to freedom.
Jaden and I said loud & clear: THANK YOU!

Driving southbound on northbound 101 to Woodside Road.
What a sight to see the southbound cars to my right!

The line of cars waiting to make another U-turn
and exit the freeway at long last.