A Favor

i love lots of things, including blogging with you

Sweet Eventide readers, I have a little favor to ask. Over there on the right sidebar at the top is a little blue button that says, "Posting Schedule" which links to a small survey that ends on Friday, Dec. 10th at 5 p.m. Pacific. I really want to find a posting schedule that works for all of us. 

I have almost always blogged organically -- when I have something to say, I write it and post immediately. Occasionally I have scheduled a post (i.e. announcing giveaway winners or vacations). I would really like to have posts here 3-5 times per week because I think it is more engaging, but it will require me to schedule some in advance now that I'm working part-time. 

Scheduling posts is a big shift mentally for me, but I'm wondering how it would affect you?  So please, click on the button and let me know what you prefer. Would you prefer a regular posting schedule, even if it's not as organic as it has always been?