A Good Movie

Last night, Jeff and I did our taxes. We finished around 11 p.m., talked about the refund situation for awhile, did some other stuff and sat down on the couch at 11:55 to "relax." We decided to "start" our Netflix movie, and just watch a "little" bit.

I looked at him and said, "We are the only crazy people I know who start movies at midnight."

(Or something like that, I am way too bleary to remember anything now).

I knew we were crazy but it is so hard to settle your mind for sleep after what we did (which is basically realize our withholdings are so far off that we robbed ourselves of a huge amount of money every month for the past 14 months).

Jeff said, "Actually I think we are the most sane people I know."

And then he pressed play.

Well whodathunkit but "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" turned out to be quite the entertaining movie.

I had picked it up about a dozen times at Blockbuster and never rented it. And here it was so good, we ended up watching the entire thing and going to bed at nearly 2 a.m.


So if you need to add something to your queue, KKBB gets four eyes wide open from the Js!