A Nourishing Guide to Self Care

Is taking care of yourself a chore that stays on the bottom of your to-do list day after day? Do you feel like everyone else's needs are more important than yours? I used to be that way too. Until I got cancer. Five times. Each time I got ill, I'd vow to take better care of myself. And I did, slowly but surely I learned more and more things about wellness, exercise, nutrition, spiritual, emotional and psychological health. The biggest thing I've learned is that it's easier to take care of me a little bit at a time. I don't need huge chunks of time or cash to take care of me. Sure, I might want those things and a tropical vacation would definitely be amazing. But until I'm on a plane to an island, I can't keep on neglecting myself and neither can you. So I set out to share how I take care of myself, bit by bit, and day by day. I wrote a nourishing guide to self care called Five Thoughtful Ways to Love Yourself. 

a nourishing guide to self care by cancer survivor jessica nichols


Simply reading my guide is an act of self care.

"It's so beautiful it feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure."

— Marcia N.

Inside you'll find the following ideas:

  • Sayings: my favorite mantras to ground me when I feel anxious, worried, lacking or scarce
  • Juicing: my go-to green juice recipe to boost me when I need energy and nourishment
  • Stretching: my favorite stretches to loosen me up when I feel stiff or achey
  • Listening: my favorite podcasts to open my mind when I need a new perspective or new ideas on how to care for myself
  • Reading: my favorite books to learn from when I want to expand my knowledge of my body, nutrition or when I want to access my intuition and inner guidance

My hope is that as you incorporate these ideas into your thoughts and behavior, soon self care will become a sacred, rejuvenating ritual that you feel incomplete without.

As a wise friend told me years ago, an empty cup quenches no one's thirst.

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