A Revealing Glance

This morning, Jeff informs me that he is doing some IT work on my laptop. I get a panicked look on my face.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Updates," he says.

"UPDATES?!!!" I practically screech. (I have a thing about updates, a dislike kind of thing).

"Yes updates. As the IT Dept. I not only take requests, but I MAKE DECISIONS."

Oh boy.

I have now been cleared to use my laptop, and I truly don't know what combination of keys or UPDATES gave me this screen, but I took a capture because I thought it was very revealing glance at my life.

It is a look at my top sites: my blog, Google, Facebook, Twitter, my Flickr, decor8 (along with a million other folks), bit.ly and three of my friends' blogs.

Anyway, then Jeff says, "I need you to spend some time today updating your phone too."

I whine, "I just updated it!"

With great skepticism, my loving spouse says, "Did you update it yesterday?"

No of course not, I updated it on Tuesday and that should last me months in my humble, non-IT opinion.

So, do you feel like sharing what your computer would say are YOUR top sites?