A Variety of Updates

Good morning!  I am here with a few updates. I am still working diligently behind the scenes on my calendar and preparing my booth ideas for the art fair in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have a brand new product in the shop: greeting cards! For my first set, I chose one of my top-selling images, those beloved Ranunculus (up to almost 5,000 views on Flickr!).

A set of three cards is $10 and they are printed on luxurious linen paper, as shown in the second image. I will package them up all pretty and then put them in a plastic sleeve for protection. 

My second update can be seen over in the right side bar: I am exhibiting in Poppytalk Handmade for the first time. I'm over at Table 139 and in the lookbook on page 17

It is such a pretty page if you don't mind my saying so! (I had to crop my photos into squares for the market, and my Ranunculus photo looks so strange to me that way).

Finally, I know it's been awhile but it's time to wrap up my little giveaway from last month. This is turning out to be a pretty in pink kind of post, isn't it? Here are the titles I chose for the images, thank you Charlotte and Susanne for the help! 

Since there were only three entries, everyone is a winner! (I feel a little like Ellen and her games on her show saying that.) I will contact you all off the blog. :)

Well it's time to get to work. My Noodle had no school on Thursday and Friday last week so we are coming off a wonderful four-day weekend with him. We learned a little beginning embroidery, he went to a bit of a day camp and made a hand-dipped candle, he went night swimming with a friend whose parents were so kind to invite him along, we had a sweet visit with Jeff's grandma who lives just over an hour south of us in Oregon, we went out to a yummy breakfast yesterday, we took the Noodle to open climbing at an indoor rock gym and watched in amazement as he attacked 50-foot walls with ease five times in a row. We ended the weekend with a viewing of the third Harry Potter movie and pizza. Phew! We did a lot of stuff!

Wow, these posts get a little long when I only post once per week! Remember, you can find me tweeting and pinning throughout the week and I'd love to connect with you.