Airline "Delays"

The upcoming trip to Maui has got travel on my mind. I am hanging around Budget Travel and there's always lots of interesting things there to read.

This caught my eye this morning and steamed me up!

"A check of two dozen flights from June airline schedules found that "block times" --the time airlines allot in their schedules for the trip -- are about 10% higher than they were in June 1997....Many delays are now simply being incorporated into schedules, at high cost to consumers and airlines. Congestion at airports and in the sky have forced airlines to pad their schedules more than ever so flights have a better chance of arriving "on-time," which the Department of Transportation defines as within 15 minutes of the airline's scheduled arrival time. Flights now arrive technically "on-time," but with 30 minutes or more of delay written into the flight plan." (reported originally here by the WSJ).

Well gosh now! Who makes these decisions and how do they sleep at night? I just think this is wrong and I know stuff like this happens all the time around me. It makes me feel angry. Here I spend all day teaching my son to be a good person and have his words mean something and there someone, unaccountable, pads flight times to land "on time"! It's totally meaningless! GRR!

I mean there is obviously some larger problems here, if congestion has gotten so bad that it comes to this. Then how is that issue to be resolved? I don't know. It's like vehicle traffic I guess. Sure, point A to point B is only 10 miles, but at 5 p.m. it will take you 1.5 hours to travel that far. So you have to factor that in when you say you can meet someone for dinner. I guess that's what the airlines are doing?

Geez now I am thinking about Silicon Valley traffic, workaholics and world overpopulation and NOT Maui sunsets and relaxation. The world is too much with us!