Almost Satisfied

I've been searching and searching and mulling over new bedding for Jaden's room since we moved. The tree is so stunning and I was trying to match it exactly but it was hard to find playful bedding in the right colors.

Today I decided to move the tree across the room instead of right near the foot of the bed, so it's not as critical for the bedding to match. The best part? All the new goodies were only $74 at IKEA (curtains, duvet, pillow, lamp).

The lamp alone is giddy-making, his other lampshade never fit from day one and rattled every time you turned the lamp on & off. Talk about annoying! Adios lame lampshade.


Thanks for the little pumpkins Aunt Jamie. And here is the corner that still needs work, most importantly, hanging the beautiful tree.

And below that tree? Is gonna be this!

Sans the bins underneath, looks too bulky to me that way. Getting a train table has been a huge dream of mine for two years now, so I'm beyond thrilled that we have a cute little house with a room big enough for Jaden to have one.

I salvaged one from a yard sale in spring and had plans to sand and paint it blue to match his dresser, but let's be real. I'm having surgery next week and who knows what after that. This is not the time for a project like that, especially when Jeff admitted he likes this one way more than the salvaged one. And me too! The other one has really long sides such that you could not put a chair under if you wanted it. I just never liked the aesthetics but then again, it was free. But anyway I'm rambling because I'm excited.

I want to go get it RIGHT NOW but Jaden really wants to roast marshmallows in the fireplace tonight with us so I guess I have to honor that and go find firewood and marshmallows. Organic ones hopefully.