Alphabet Walk Blog Hop: O

Today I'm participating in the Alphabet Walk Blog Hop hosted by Piper at One Sydney Road. Basically you signed up for a certain letter, "grab your walking shoes and camera"and take pictures of things that represent the letter you chose.

I chose the letter O and the whole time I was shooting for this project, I had this classic  Sesame Street song playing in my head. "How would you like to buy an O? Round and neat, a nearly perfect circle, tidy & complete."

The most predominant word that comes to my mind for the letter O is the color orange. I used to really hate orange but we made up years ago. The other thing that came to mind is a car wash one town south of me that I drive by all the time.

a local restaurant sets up for lunch

another clean, classic flower arrangement at Vanilla Moon

my sweet friend gave me these sweet orange slices last night

the O car wash

I hope you enjoyed my view of the letter O!