An Orange Tease

After so generously receiving a 17" Powerbook last week, I promptly set about finding a lovely bag to carry it around in. Immediately I rejected in full any standard-issue black nylon laptop bag. I started googling "cute stylish laptop bags" and found multiple blogs about just such a topic. Obviously I am not the only girl out there who expects style from her electronic goods.

Quickly I fell in love with a bag but it's price ($169) made me go hmmm; even though I didn't have to pay anything for the computer, so I am willing to spend more than I normally would on such an item. I lolli-gagged around for the past few days and today at SonyStyle store accidentally found the in-love bag in the wrong size -- but still I got to check out and touch it (it's wool so I was worried). It's so darn cool!

I come home and call the company to ask customer service about the wool getting wet during winter (my other worry) -- nope, not a problem, they Scotchguard it.

But there's another problem.

There are no more.


I believe the exact words were "we did a short season on this one."

Here is the bag that will never be for me.

Hello Crushed.
Crushed oranges to be specific.