An Ordinary Bed

I know I was rambling and hinting about the amazing garden at the hotel in San Diego earlier but then as I went through my images, I couldn't really move beyond this one.

It's just an ordinary bed in a hotel room.

It's just an ordinary bed, except it looked like more than that to me as I looked at it from across the room. It was the light that caught my eye, but it was the way the covers were strewn about that kept me staring. Then I noticed the creamy tones in the floor tiles and how it was all a little bit lopsided. And I loved it with my whole heart. So I used my camera to freeze this moment in time so I could always remember...this is the bed where me and Jeff and Jaden all crammed in, warm and snuggly, when we came to see Chris get married to the love of her life. And this is what it looked like when we all got up in the morning.

I mean, isn't this the whole point of me carrying around a camera all the time? There is simply so much magic in the ordinary, fleeting moments of our days.