I've been feeling wanting lately. Seems getting the new bed started this feeling. I got a new dress which started a longing for more new clothes. I got some capris at Old Navy yesterday, if only it was warm enough to actually wear them. I got the cutest sweater to go with them but I will return that. Between the dress and the capris and the start of Jaden's spring wardrobe, I am way over our monthly clothing budget.

I really want a laptop with Photoshop also. I got aggravated earlier this week wanting to update the look of my blog. Blogger is quite limiting actually. I really, really, really want to make a new banner for the top. I found this site that explains how to do it but I can't try any of it without pricey Photoshop.

I am also tired of sitting on this hard chair and working in the cluttered office. I guess I could work on the clutter and ease one portion of my discomfort, instead of blogging and complaining.

I also have four overdue birthday presents sitting here waiting to be wrapped and mailed. One from January, two from February and one from March. This is so bad. I hate being late with gifts especially when I have each person marked on my calendar, so it's not like I forgot.

I'm looking around and see that I have not one single clear surface on which to work.

Gosh look at this office! How can you work in here and NOT be cranky? It's contagious too -- just look at Jaden's desk.

And our behemoth bookcase and its surrounding clutter!

I need Peter Walsh in here stat. This is downright frightening. I don't need a laptop, I need a tornado to whip through here.