Another Doozy from a Doctor

What is it about a white coat that gives some people the impression they can mouth off?

Today's doozy brought to you by an EYE doctor.

"How many kids do you have?"


"Oh you're being lazy."

(I think, wait I need to go straight to have my ears checked after this because I'm obviously not hearing correctly).

"What did you say? I couldn't understand you."

"You are being lazy, only one kid."

"No actually we'd love to have more but my doctors won't let me."

(I figured this, while technically incorrect, would shut her the f@#% up.)


"Because I have cancer."

(Surely NOW she will shut the f@#% up.)

"Well how many did you want to have?"

"Two would have been just fine for us. It's not like we wanted 10 or anything."

(Why is she still talking to me about this? Why am I answering her stupid questions still?)

"I guess one for you then. One is good. I think kids are way too much work so I don' t have any."

"Well at least you know your limitations" was the best response I could come up with in my state of shock. More like, thank the universe you don't have to be responsible for caring for tender little children with lame, thoughtless comments like you obviously make all the time.


ETA: Upon much further review of the conversation, I wish I had been witty and quick enough to say something along the lines of laziness has nothing to do with anything when it comes to parenting. WTF does she know about laziness if she doesn't even have any kids because she thinks they're too much work?!! I cannot believe I participated in this conversation with her. Boo on me.