Artist Profile: Jen Corace

Jen Corace is the illustrator of one of our favorite children's books, Little Pea. I thought I had blogged about the book's author Amy Krouse Rosenthal* last fall, but it turns out I merely shared this amazing video with a couple of people by email. 

(So I see another Little Pea post in our future).

The illustrations in this charming book are so whimsical and effective: they carry me away every time I read the book to the Noodle. I feel like rolling through life instead of walking with my feet. 

It turns out that Jen has a blog called think think, stare stare and it's really fun that she shares her Flickr -- here is a link to her collection arrrrrt! which is where I'll be spending some time today.

Amy seems to be most active on Twitter lately.