Autumn Grows

yellow maple leaf with robert browning quote I think the transition from summer into autumn can be difficult for families. Going from the unscheduled, warm and carefree days of summer to the structure of the school week, from getting up on time to making lunches, signing permission slips and doing homework -- well, it makes sense that it's difficult even if it's a welcome change and you're the type who likes routines. Certainly going from autumn to winter is less challenging and winter into spring is a breeze.

After five full weeks, I am very happy to report that my family has successfully transitioned into the school year for the first time since we moved to Oregon in 2011. Our son is thriving under the energetic and enthusiastic care of his new teacher. He has some buddies in his class from last year and he is engaged in his learning. It is a huge, huge relief for us. (Now there are "only" the average ups and downs in a family of balancing everyone's needs and wants. Which as I shared in this post can be quite challenging for me still).

Although it has always been important for me to honor my needs and self-care, it has not always been easy to accomplish. I have had many days and hours in Portland over the past two years that were filled with conflict and struggle, doubts and sadness. There were certainly days and hours of contentedness and ease, confidence and happiness. I did not ever regret leaving California, but I knew if this third year didn't turn overall more positive, then I was not sure how I would manage anymore.

Settling into school after two extremely challenging years is a big victory but the little victories make me proud as well. Little things like navigating from the South Waterfront to the Alphabet District last week using a combination of streets and freeways without needing to use the map on my iPhone. Woo to the hoo people!

I could adapt this quote to say:

Tensions decrease, and roots grow, Jess in everything.