Betty's Fall Party

Every year on the fall equinox, Betty has a party for her friends and family. Six years ago was my first one and I met Jamie for the first time. The year after that, I was very queasy and pregnant. The year after that, I had my noodle with me for the first time. Here's a few pics from this year's party, Betty's first at Patrcia Way.

Oma (fiercely resisting the camera)
and me (fiercely refusing to put it away)

Rayleen, who followed me around the party asking for food by saying,
"Yum Yum" in a very insistent and most adorable manner.

Some very happy grandparents doting on baby Bodhi.

The cousins fall asleep together for the first time
with new skeleton jammies from Lulu to boot.

A little wine and at last, a little music from some of the family guitaristas.

Thanks Betty for another successful party!
(Despite the cool weather for the first time ever).