A couple of weekends ago Liss & Ella came down to visit. Liss showed me a blanket she is knitting for El and I just loved it. I had decided already that a blanket was going to be my next project. Liss is doing a striped blanket, all knit stitch, 100 stitches per row. Just what I need, to sit and knit! No remembering to purl, no counting rows or stitches (really).

I bought a bunch of yarn soon after and began knitting. After three rows, I hated the yarn. It was way too thick and I just didn't like the feel or look of it. So yesterday I went and found the yarn Lu is using at Yarndogs..

It's called Blossom and it's the first yarn I am truly in love with and obsessing over (in other words, after five hours of sleep, I woke up thinking about my yarn as opposed to more sleep or coffee). It's mighty pricey at almost $14/skein but I will just buy in small batches and do a stripe at a time.

I am doing these colors, starting with Banana, then Citrus and then Red.

This stuff is so dreamy. I can't wait for real fall weather and blustery days and the non-existent long blocks of free time to curl up on the couch and watch Oprah under my blanket. :)