Blue Skies

This is the kind of whimsical drawing that I couldn't wait to receive when Jaden was a baby and first learning to grab a crayon at all. I knew these drawings would be in my future and I just couldn't wait for them to arrive with the cute writing that I emulated with kid fonts on the computer before I could possibly know what Jaden's handwriting would look like.

I really love Jaden's use of color in this drawing. How he repeated the blue sky color around the window and in his writing. And of course the coordination of color between the sun, door and banana.

That is a banana there, by the way, a yellow-green and magenta banana that exists perfectly normally in my boy's imagination. His drawing has changed a lot so far in 2009 -- he is doing way more representational art now and the use of multiple colors is actually very new for him. And I heart it all. Oh how I heart it all.

Pardon me while I go hang out in my little house and eat a giant banana in the front yard. Better grab my sunscreen...