Boys Will Be Boys

Being in nature any time of year is soothing to my soul, but something for me about braving the elements in winter makes it more so. I guess because I have to sacrifice a lot of body heat which takes enormous energy to obtain in the first place, it makes the air smell that much sweeter to me.

While our visit to the area between Half Moon Bay and Pescadero yesterday was healing (for me) and emotional (we lost Opa on January 6, 2007), it was also a perfect place for my boys to be themselves.

"Look! It says absolutely NO GUNS!!!" -- Jaden

Blowing raspberries is so much more fun in the rain at the beach.

Peeing is definitely more fun in the rain at the beach.

"Look at me, I know how to run in nature!" -- Jackson

"Free at last, thank God almighty, I am free at last!" -- Jackson honoring MLK Jr.