Butano State Park

Why hello there! After I posted on Monday, we went off on a little overnight camping trip to Butano State Park. It's about 1.5 hours away near the coast and a lovely little getaway. 

This is only our family's second camping trip, our last one was at the same campground before the Noodle was even two years old. It took quite a bit of effort as we had to pick up camping gear from storage and gather supplies. That's the price of being spontaneous though!

Looks like someone thought all the effort was worth it! 

We did all the usual camping activities from hiking to making friends to grilling corn to making lots and lots of s'mores and even scaring the bold raccoons and jays away!

We even did a few unusual things like having the Mama wake up with the most vicious case of stomach flu ever! And the Daddy packing up the entire campsite by himself and carrying the Mama to the car, where she held on for dear life for the entire long car ride home! 

I am recovering now, phew! Next time I vow to remember that campsite #25 is the primo spot for us. There are more photos in my Adventures set on Flickr.