Buzz Buzz Buzz

Today I did a high-dive from my coffee pot.

Normally I am a strict one-cup a day girl. If I indulge in a second cup, it's usually hours and hours later and then decaf or at most, half-caf.

But today I am sleepy. The kid is home for the second day in a row due to his schedule and Veterans Day. And the writing needs to get done.

So I drank my one cup and then the half cup of overage that I make every day in case I overdo my half-and-half.

But somehow, somehow, it wasn't enough.

So I brewed a SECOND round.
And drank ANOTHER cup.

And now I'm buzzing around and around and around, which is quite a feat considering I'm sitting down!

Which of course, brings Laurie Berkner buzzing around in my head.