I save the most ridiculous documents. (No I clearly haven't given up the search for my binder labels yet even though I realized 10 minutes ago that I could have made new ones by now). Oy, I am cracking myself up at this point. Anyway, I'm back with one of the all-time biggest wastes of disk space.

Filename: "Clue.doc"

Contents in red:

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4

WOW! Now that would seriously take me hours to re-type. This is a project I did to hide Jeff's Christmas gift one year (2003). I made a scavenger hunt and printed this out and glued it onto little tins. And then saved the document AND the little tins, thereby totally eliminating the need to ever use the document again.

Ya think I save too much? Don't get people started on how I save 99.9% of the emails I receive either. Apparently not everyone does that.