Crappy Cereal, YUM

I love crappy kid cereals. I never used to call them that until Jeff and I got back together and I bought some Captain Crunch at the grocery store. He said, "You like to eat that Crappy Crunch?"

He is SUCH a grownup with his taste for twiggy, flakey, nutty, super whole grain cereals.

I just ignored his uppitty attitude towards my delicous cereals until we had Jaden. Or more precisely until Jaden was about a year old. Then I had to get all surreptitious about my cereal eating because obviously, it is a terrible example to set for your child's newly developing eating habits.

When Jaden and I go grocery shopping together and he sees the kid cereals, I always tell him those are actually grown up cereals and the "grown up" cereals are for kids. And he accepts that!

(Thank God Jeff will eat those cereals with him every morning!)

So I started sneaking in my cereal and hiding it in the pantry and only eating it at night for "dessert." That's why this picture is such a treat! It's 10:30 a.m. and I am listening to Corinne and eating my Lucky Charms and feeling all happy and sugary insde.