Are you wondering where I have been all week? 

I've been glued to my laptop screen trying to be all eco and REUSE someone else's dresser vs. going down to IKEA or somewhere and buying a new one.

Here are all the dressers I did *not* buy on Craigslist this week. But not for lack of trying! Even pouncing on new listings in my price range, I am beaten to the punch every time.

My sweetie needs a dresser and so I will continue to cruise Craigslist. I won't give up after only one week. Do you like my attempt to make icky CL photos look somewhat cute enough to post? 

In other news, we are finally going to be able to move our things into the family room starting tomorrow afternoon. The eau du chats is gone, along with the carpet, pad and vinyl tiles beneath. I was very excited by the concrete subfloor but alas, it is covered with black tile adhesive that is too big a job to take on. We are all more than ready to start unpacking finally. Nearly three weeks in the new house and it's total chaos still.

The sunsets and views in our new neighborhood help distract us though. Too bad I left my camera at my MIL's house or I'd download a few photos and share those instead of these.