FFF and L

I've resorted to researching high fashion, how far is that from my life?

That's what happens when you watch The Hills to escape and then because it's the middle of season 3 and you are just getting started watching, you try to get caught up via Google and Lauren's official site seems a logical place to start.

Quickly you find yourself at the LA Times (warning: you have to register) reading about how she took on the challenge of putting together an outfit for only $100. (Poor girl, pun intended).

That is where you run across the knock-off Lanvin frock and decide to take a break from the computer and pick up the copy of C Magazine you borrowed from your fashion-forward friend. There you see the Lanvin frock mentioned again ("do not even think about leaving your house this fall without a Lanvin frock" so you wearily go back to Google to read more about it since you don't have a clue what it is.

"Thank god I had surgery last week and can't leave the house yet," you think to yourself.

Since you're hanging out with Google, you remember to look up this thing called a Louboutin shoe that you are supposed to wear in SF no matter how steep the streets.

And after all this you say, "HUH? What is going on here? Frickin French Fashion, that's what!" and this is only one letter of the alphabet.