Field Trip

Today I am so excited because I am going on a field trip. You can read all about in my guest post at the Green Phone Booth.

I took this photo on my first walk home from school drop-off. It is all uphill and I wimped out last year and didn't do it after the first two weeks of school. I'm hoping to improve this year. But there are pretty things to look at along the way and good music definitely helps. 

I researched some screencasting programs yesterday and I'm going to start working on my Picnik tutorial for you. I won't promise a date yet but I'm excited about the idea.  We're off to the in-laws this weekend and we're looking forward to the overdue visit in their new home. I'm also thinking about reorganizing my entire kitchen, like empty every single cabinet and pack up stuff I hardly use and put it the rest back in a more efficient manner. My kitchen is small and lacking useful counter space so it makes working in there very difficult. It is a low-level drive me crazy kind of thing. I'm going to attack it!