Lost and Found!

old label still on three sides of this box

new label on only one side of the box

Why, do you ask, did I overlook this box a zillion times since 9/8/07? It is the one box in our garage that I would absolutely not bother to actually open to verify the label because it has clothes I loved that my Dad bought me. I mean, why bother opening a box of heartache? (Why bother keeping it is a question better left for my therapist!)

Also it has my t-shirts and jersey from Ride for the Roses (gosh I see that site now totally foreshadowing my love affair with blogging) and I have nothing but a sentimental need to continue to store those items, therefore no need to look at them either. That's why they are in the same box.

There were (are) towers of these brown boxes out in the garage and they are almost entirely filled with books which means they are heavy. So seeing that old label on more than one side, I trusted it.

Still I can only blame myself because I packed this box and clearly did not do myself any favors with my labeling efforts. A detailed list of contents is all well & good IF YOU CAN SEE IT!

Oh well, live & learn -- that's my motto on things like this. We just in the past month replaced the crockpot and one of the ladles.

P.S. It occurred to me as I was writing this post, where are the clothes my dad gave me and my RFTR stuff? Oh boy.