Friday Poems

The Year Everyone Got Rich and Prices Went Down
by Jessica Valli, 3-17-81

One year, I think it was 1986, every one suddenly had so much money they didn't know how to use it.

Anyway I was 15 and a sophomore at Webster Grove High. I was always complaining about too much homework and not enough utensils. You know pens, notebooks, rulers, etc. I was just about to start complaining to my Mom when she handed me a $100 bill. She said to pick up Rhea Ann and go buy yourself some school stuff. I said O.K. but where did you get the money? I thought we were on a budget. She looked at me mysteriously & walked off to the kitchen to make a batch of cookies.

I walked to Rhea Ann's and explained the situation. She asked her mom and came back with $100 too! We walked to the store and came home totally loaded with bags. I said by to Rhea Ann. I nearly fell down on the sidewalk when I saw my house.

It was a 3 story house. A mansion in my words. I couldn't open the door so I rang the bell. It chimed for a long time. I gasped when the door opened. A butler stood and said, Madame, shall I take your bags to your room? I stuttered yes. I followed him up the richly colored staircase. I actually screamed in astonishment when I saw my room. A canope. A roll-top desk. Everything a teen-ager could want. I ran down the stairs just as my mom said "go upstairs and put on the clothes laid out on your bed." I ran upstairs and was downstairs within 10 min. We got in our limosine and the chafeur drove off. Now my mom explained.

You see while you were in school every family of Webster Grove got a newsletter from the government. But why? I asked. She said, Well the letter said our town was the best pollution fighter, water conserver and garbage patrol. Every resident would get 3 million dollars on the 1st of every year. And what is today? Jan. 1, 1986, I said. Right. So that is why we have so much mney. Well ok, but one more thing. When I went to the store the Eraser mates were only 10c. They're normally $1.59. What happened? Well the government also promised a drop of prices.

Anyway we're meeting your father at the Floating Rib to have dinner. Then we're going to the principal's house to get permission for you to go on a 3 month vacation.

Wow! Where are we going? The first month we're going to ski. Second month we're going to Hawaii & the third month we'll visit grandma.

Yippee! Boy I'm looking forward to this vacation.

So that's what happened. My family went on the trip. It was fun.

Then I went back to school and I still had a lot of homework but I definitely couldn't complain about school supplies.

My name is Alexandrea Fortune.