From Blue to Yellow

Friday's PET results left me quite blue. It's not exactly surprising once you've relapsed to find out from a PET machine that the cancer is actually growing. No, not a big whopper there. Still, in between scans I tend to piece my life together such that I don't spend waking hours actively thinking about stupid lymphoma. Then PET time arrives and really, there is no place to run, no place to hide.

Also my lymphoma? Apparently has a short attention span or has wanderlust because it does not like to return to places it has already been. This time it is checking out my aorta, saying "hmmm, wonder what that's like?" I say "Stay the fuck out of it!" That's what. "You are near it, that's beyond my limit."

So. I am rattled and blue by this little aortic adventure my lymphoma is on and to counteract all that blue, I decided it was time to bust open that gallon of Cornsilk I bought a month ago. A little furniture rearranging also never hurt anyone and I have a lifelong love affair with that activity.

Welcome to our new bedroom!

before & after (east wall)

before & after (west wall)

before & after (south wall)

There is more goodness planned for the "office" area of the room. The best thing about this new layout for me is that when I walk down the hall to the kitchen or bathroom, I am no longer assaulted by state of the desk and its endless work. I swapped out the the view on the dresser also so I can be reminded of Maui countless times throughout the day. The bedroom makes me feel calm now which is the antidote I needed after Friday.

P.S. The lighting was very tricky for photos this morning but I was too excited to wait!