Our beloved Becca, everyone knows our Becca, who even 1.5 years later has a park named in her honor, is training with TNT in *my* honor.

In WINTER no less and for a TRIATHLON.

People think I am inspirational for surviving cancer three times; well, I think that's nothing compared to swimming in the dead of winter and then getting on a bike and then, horror of horrors, running. Or whatever order they do these events, the point is, triathletes do all of them in the same day. Which will never happen to me in my lifetime.

Of course, we all know about never. Never say never. I am the one, after all, who got so damn inspired by Jamie & Jenni at the Nike Women's Marathon last year that I agreed to walk/run a half marathon with them this year.

(Did being a patient representative for the event influence me? Yes, but not nearly as much as seeing Jamie & Jenni cross the line, as well as my old & dear friend Lynora who has done the event twice now.)

I know I sent an email but blood cancers make me passionate and vocal and bold, so if you are reading this, click the link and donate to Becca's account.

I am still humbled by the $6000+ that I raised almost two years ago for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through everyone's generosity. In my darkest times, it has lifted my spirits to know that with money comes research and with research, comes options for me and everyone else affected by lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma.

Thank you!