Good Morning! and Giveaway Winner!

Good morning friends! 

I am home from a relaxing two days at the beach with my husband and two of our dear friends, Jamie & Jay. Yes, 2+2 still equals 4 and there were four Js. We walked, talked, kited, snacked, took photos (lots), dined & wined & beered, 1/2 of us skated and 1/4 of us watched a movie while 3/4 of us snoozed. All in all, it was fabulous. 

When I got home from the beach weekend, we spent some time with our little boy (I missed him so much) and then, then I couldn't wait any longer to do my giveaway! I wrote everyone's name on a colorful slip of paper and put them all in an empty vase. 

I snapped a photo of all the entries for you.

Then I asked my MIL to draw the winner. I was so excited to see who would win! What is that you're saying? You want to know too? Well here you go!

Congratulations Sean aka BLG aka Bright Light Guy! The guy who makes my oldest friend on the planet smile every single day! I am thrilled and truthfully more than a bit humbled as he is a fine photographer himself. Sean, I think there was a hidden clause in this giveaway and you are required to open a Flickr account before you get your prize. Just kidding, but please do email me at sweet.eventide at yahoo dot com for details on your prize.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being loyal readers and for coming to my birthday party. It has been so much fun and believe me, there will be more fun to come if I have anything to say about it. 

I know I said the Noodle would choose the winner from a bike helmet but the Noodle partied way too hard with all his grandparents this weekend and had to go to bed before the drawing of the winner.

I would like to wish everyone a great Monday and I'll be back tomorrow with a set of pictures from the beach. We are off to Sacramento today* for a rally on the steps of the Capitol to raise awareness about the dire lack of funding for public schools here in California. It will be a meaningful day!

I am scheduling this post from the night before because we have to leave so early for our big day. I thought 6:33 sounded pretty good, LOL.