Gouache Me

Buon giorno!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend like I did. Mine included some rest & relaxation, watching my boy climb a rope ladder he made with his Daddy and Nana, visiting with an old friend, riding bikes to the ice cream store, reading magazines and even a little painting.

gouache: etymology -- French, from Italian guazzo, literally a puddle

I used these delicious gouache paints by Pelikan. I plan to get my own set someday -- I think they are magical. I am not an artist or a painter but these colors sure make my brush swirl around the paper in a fashionable way.

You may notice two of my "paintings" resemble the colors around here at Sweet Eventide. It's a very long story but I am working on creating new graphics for the blog and shop so that I will have full ownership of them.

This weekend we also showed our new rental house to our loved ones. We weren't planning to house hunt just yet but one little visit to Craigslist last weekend turned up an opportunity we couldn't resist. It's in our price range, takes large dogs and is close to the Noodle's school. Here is our new front door.

It looks a lot like our last front door. We have a thing for houses from the 1940s, this will be our third home from that era. We will move in about a month. The house is, shall we say, quirky? Yes quirky is nicer than other words. It suits our needs and we're looking forward to making it comfortable.

It's a big week ahead with the last week of school and also, my darling husband is taking a week away from his new job. What do you call those, stay-cations or something? We're hoping to work on our storage units in preparation for the big move and maybe even do a little camping to celebrate the end of kindergarten.

Did you do anything special this weekend?