Handmade for the Holidays

I think soon there will be a special part two to this post but for now, I want to share that yesterday I went to Jenni's house for a party to showcase all of the things her friends & family make and/or sell, i.e. a mostly handmade party.

The point is that buying handmade objects gives a sense of satisfaction way beyond normal shopping. There is a certain glee factor knowing someone took the time away from their "regular" job, their busy to-do lists and carved out a little space for their creative spirit. It is cool and inspiring to see the results.

Now this afternoon, I have stumbled across a site promoting buying handmade things, so naturally I am going to put their banner up right here on my blog for all of you.

They have links to lots of sites but I get lost still just at Etsy. There are so many creative people out there and what a great use of the internet. Back in the day, I guess, there was only the local craft fair if you wanted to buy handmade & didn't have any crafty friends & weren't crafty yourself.