Happy 34 Sweety

Jeff has a big deadline at work today so we celebrated his birthday yesterday.

We went to lunch all together with Grandpa John at Pluto's Santana Row and then back to Betty's sans Grandpa John (who had an afternoon appointment) to open presents.

Although his mama will be bringing him a birthday cake sometime today for whenever he manages to get home tonight. What a gal.

Jeff lost a lot of stuff on the train recently when he forgot his backpack and no kindness was shown with a deposit at the lost & found. So he got some of his goodies back yesterday.

I asked Jaden earlier this week what he wanted to get Daddy for a present and said NOT a toy. He was quiet for a bit and then asked, "What did Daddy lose on the train again?" I told him he lost his keys, cell phone, skate pads and backpack. Jaden wanted to get him new skate pads but then I told him that Daddy said he likes skating without them because it makes him be more careful.

So he said, "Okay I want to get him a backpack." So we went to REI and I helped him choose one. I put clearance Easter candy inside, Butterfingers and Reese's eggs. See? Happiness.

Here they are exploring all the pockets...

Betty and I joined forces to replace his cell phone and man did we get a deal. Jeff only got this phone six months ago so he wasn't eligible for any deals. But I asked so nicely and the sales guy took pity on me I guess. It was $249 and we got it for $180 with a $50 rebate. YES!

Of course, Jeff exchanged it for something different 5.5 hours later. Oh well!

I thought I'd end this post with this picture of Jaden watching Jeff open his presents. Such pure adoration...it's so precious.

I wonder what it feels like to be Jeff? To be the father of our amazing boy who literally worships the ground he walks on? You are one lucky guy!

P.S. Had to edit the title, forgot to upgrade his age.