He Writes?

Dad when you get out of your
meeting will you
call me?

Apparently Jaden writes now. He was missing his daddy around 5 p.m. yesterday and wanted to leave a note on his desk at work. So I got him a paper and usually I spell each word he wants to say and he writes it one letter at a time. But not yesterday, he just picked up his pencil and whipped this out in a flash!

I volunteer on Thursdays in his class and his teacher that day is PT and a reading specialist. She only works one day in his class. From this experience, I know they are learning to put spaces between their words, initial caps and the letters in a word are close together. At Jaden's conference a few weeks ago, we came home with a boatload of books he has made in writer's workshop. Writer's workshop is where they take paper, stapler and pencils and make books. Kinders are expected to draw pictures, first graders must have words also. Clearly Jaden is an enthusiastic writer. I'll take a picture of his books later and post it.

Jeff and I are proud, can you tell? :)

Also I told Jaden I was going to post his note on my blog first thing this morning and he was amazed. He told one of Jeff's coworkers right when he walked in the door, he told Jeff and he told me he was going to tell all his classmates. "My mommy is going to put my note on her blog in the morning!" and then he added, "I'm not going to taunt them Mama though, I'll be kind."