Heaven on Earth

Tonight I met Jamie at Santana Row to go to a card store (Jax) that could special order envelopes in the size we need for her reception invites. Luckily for me, she was running late and I remembered that a new paper store had opened up recently so now I finally had time and space to check it out.

Well pardon me for having a heart attack but I finally found it: Heaven on Earth.

Oh my gosh I mean I have needed a reliable source for stock papers and envelopes for years, but this store goes way beyond my expectations. First of all their card stock is dreamy, hello scalloped edges and rickrack borders in multiple sizes, but rounds! Oh the rounds. They even have BLANK ROUND STICKERS!

No one else but a fellow paper freak can probably understand why 1:47 after the store closed tonight, my pulse is still racing.

I will fall asleep tonight dreaming about paper flowers.

And I will fall asleep happy.