Highlights from the Past Seven Mays

I've been blogging for a long time now. Very rarely do I go back and read what I have written, so today I am doing just that! Here are some highlights from the past seven Mays on Sweet Eventide. sunflower photograph by jessica nichols


May 2006: the one where I taught my son to chew gum.

May 2007: the one where my son taught me about his sister.

May 2008: the one of many where I share my dad's poetry.

May 2009: the one where I pretended I was on a beach in Italy.

May 2010: the one where I visited Portland to research neighborhoods.

May 2011: the one where I talk about stress and how important it is to breathe.

May 2012: the one where I tell everyone that I quit my day job.

I hope you had as much fun going through the blog archives as I did!