Home Sweet Home

Our noon appt. cancelled so I get to be home for the rest of the day! Yippee! We have been staying at Betty's since Saturday so it's great to be home. Jackson is in doggy daycare for today also, so that's a bonus. Jaden will be home from his lunch date with Nana in half an hour. It will be good to be home, even for a short time.

Our realtor is expecting two offers. Now we have no idea what the details are but surely it's better than having zero interest so far. Meanwhile everyone's nerves are frayed. So being home will hopeful recharge everyone a little. You know, the joy of sleeping in your own bed and looking at all your stuff -- staged as it may be.

I got a few groceries at Trader Joe's and cleaned out the fridge. How thrilling.

Still need to eat some Tums though. :(