Huge, Wild, Fires

California Office of Emergency Services firefighters wait for water
as a home burns Monday, Oct 22. 2007 in Poway, Calif.
(AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Shortly, as in minutes, after we drove away from the beach house in Pajaro Dunes, Marsh called to tell me there was a huge fire going on in San Diego and I should call and check on my family.

Now I'm not naming names or anything, but this Yahoo! News article says:

"Firefighters — who lost valuable time trying to persuade stubborn homeowners to leave — had their work cut out for them as winds gusting to 70 mph scattered embers onto dry brush, spawning spot fires. California officials pleaded for help from fire departments in other states."

That Poway home pictured above? Yep -- it's only 14 miles from my aunt's house. But I'm not naming names or worried sick and noticing that it's easier to be angry or anything. I got my last update 3 hours and 35 minutes ago.

San Diego was my home for over 7 years during college and my family has lived there since the NYC days. Wildfires are not uncommon down there but this one is pretty bad as far as I can tell. My thoughts go out to everyone down south right now. And one last thing:

Listen to your firefighters people! Don't make their job any harder than it already impossibly is right now!!

ETA: Okay okay, I sort-of see why my family is reluctant to leave, although it still scares the hell out of me. I continued reading that article above and see that at Qualcomm, there is a lone concession stand with coffee and donuts for folks and folks with pets are stuck in the parking lot as pets are not being allowed in the stadium. WTF is up with that? What if it was my little family, we're forced from our home, stuck in a parking lot with Jackson and what? Nothing but begging someone inside to bring us coffee and donuts? Like I'm going to feed that to Jaden in an emergency or even a Saturday morning. I think that is so lame. Didn't we learn anything from Katrina? HMPH.