I love Pineapple

I think everyone should know about my friend Jamie who loves pineapple.

Jamie is a ray of sunshine in my sometimes cloudy life, that's what I always say. Jamie is so kind, gentle, warm, funny, caring, smart (so smart), loving, sweet, determined, loyal and faithful.

She is moody too and I love that especially. I love people who are not afraid of their moods. She gets cranky and blue like me and she just goes with it. I admire her. Sometimes she needs to be alone and she just takes off in her car down the coast to Santa Barbara or up the coast to Portland. She is rad. And she has a longboard.

A long time ago, on one of my cloudy days, Jamie sent me this email and I printed it out and put it on my wall right by my computer.

"Oh I just know you'll get to go there and when you get back you'll be on a regular schedule with everything -- bexxar, and the maid service will help, and you'll be doing some hill repeats, and we're going to have fun together, and Jaden will be doing fun, new and crazy things, and you and Jeff will have date nights, and fall will come and you'll get to wear sweaters and cook Italian meals, and some days will suck and some moments will be stellar and some stranger will see a Jess smile for their first time and feel that amidst all the world's chaos, there are really special people in this world. Love always, Jamie."

Now do you see how lucky I am to have a friend like Jamie? I look at that note all the time and it helps me remember that I will be okay. That not everyone sees me the way I see myself and thank goodness for that.

Recently Jamie started blogging and I am thrilled. The only part that I am not thrilled about is she only posts once or twice a week and I check her blog at least once a day hoping for a little hit. This morning, I got a perfect little dose of Jamie and it made me realize that everyone needs to make time for her blog too.

Tank tops in November! Who knew?!