Sunday morning I woke up bright-eyed at 4:45 a.m. so excited to drive to SF and see my friend Jamie and her friend Jenni finish the half marathon at the Nike event. I couldn't find my camera for the life of me which was the only disappointment for me.

I found parking, got coffee and scoped out the finish line. As I was wandering around about 9 a.m. near the finisher's booth, I saw a familiar face. It was my friend Lynora. I knew she did this event last year but I didn't know she was doing it again. She was so surprised to see me too and we went to the Pose Like A Girl tent and took a picture together. Lynora and I have known each other since 1989 at Long Beach State, six lifetimes ago it feels like. Our lives are so busy that we don't see or talk much, but nothing can stand in the way of that much history together. I'm so honored she ran in this event twice.

After saying goodbye to Lyn, I found a spot along the sidelines and yelled GO TEAM to every purple TNT jersey that passed my way. Finally I saw Jamie and cheered as loud as I could. I was so happy I was able to spot her in the sea of runners going by. I met her & Jenni after they crossed the line and later, after we found Jay & Ed, Jay took this picture of us.

(L-R: Jess, Jamie, Jenni)

I was so inspired by Jamie & Jenni's run that I vowed to do this event myself next year. This is despite a lifelong pure hatred of running and a violent histamine reaction every time I even walk fast. But the event raised $16 million for the L&LS so how can I not suffer a couple of hours of itching for my own cause?