Italy on Film, Circa 1999

Happy Friday! Last weekend, I unpacked my photo albums and pulled out a few of my pictures to share with you. I took these photographs during my trip to Italy in 1999 with my grandma. Her name was Rose, but actually she was born as Rosina which I discovered very late in her life. I fell utterly in love with her Italian name. Her father was from Mistretta, a tiny town (with a tiny Wikipedia entry) that we visited during our trip to Italy and Sicily. I do not have any notes on where I took these photographs, but I do remember the sparkling blue sea of Taormina.

way back before I called myself a photographer, I was fascinated by the magic of the ordinary

When we visited Mistretta on that one random Tuesday in the October of 1999, absolutely magical things happened in our family. I feel brave enough to share that someday, I hope to travel there again and photograph it all for a book. I even have a dream publisher for my book, which will be part biography, part cookbook and part travel photography. What do you think of this dream of mine?

P.S. I'm sorry I have not taken the time yet to remove the dust on these scanned images. I will add it to my to-do list, I am too impatient and excited to share them with you!