It's Still Wednesday Somewhere

Like Maui for example. Thanks Safari for making my 11:55 p.m. post turn into a 12:12 on Thursday post. Harumph.

ANYWAY! I was trying to say...I really want a cake stand.

This has been going on ever since 2004 when I "discovered" this bakery in Los Gatos that has tons of vintage, sublime, ruffled-edge cake stands in technicolor on display.

("Discovered" means my neighbor told me to go there, go now and order banana cake with cream cheese frosting for a certain little boy's first birthday. Or anyone's birthday. Or just because it's Wednesday somewhere.)

ANYWAY! When I walked in there and saw all those cake stands it was like finding my left hand and being all, "Hello My Hand! I didn't realize you were missing all this time! I know it's because I'm right-handed but how did I live without you all these years?"

Anyway, I have never gotten a cake stand and I'm not getting one tonight either. But this Poppy Bowl sure caught my eye.