Trying to rest and get over a cold as quickly as possible means quiet activities on the bed this afternoon. I finally opened this craft kit that's been enticing me for months, and you know I actually do not remember how my family came to possess this treat!

Without moving much, I tried to vary the photo ops.
Here are the accoutrements of my first attempt.

I never pass up a chance to put a favored color combo together.
This is my unopened cut.

My display model actually fell on to my pillow when it was unfolded. I was quite pleased myself! Eventually he was able to stand up so I could take the photo.

This is my second papercut.

In case you're wondering, I've been interested in papercutting for awhile. I'm already interested in going beyond kirigami flower & snowflake patterns as soon as possible. For example, Amy's level of skill or Jennifer's -- two blogs I read regularly and with glee.

In between we had some Italian cookies from my childhood (Stella Doro Margherites) and Jaden tried his hand at kirigami too. Two attempts on two different patterns didn't go very well because certain people expect themselves to be experts at everything right away even when their mothers have never done said activity before now and messed up a few times herself (um not cutting on the fold? not a good idea).

Sheesh. Not that I'm naming names or anything.

Now we've moved on to chinese checkers. I'm proud of how I have delayed tv time so far today.