Kitchen Utensil Challenge

I saw Peter Walsh from TLC's Clean Sweep on Oprah recently. I am a huge fan of the show and have applied many of his tips to the house in the past several years.

On Oprah he gave a suggestion that I hadn't seen before and I plan to try it. Do you want to take the challenge with me?

The Kitchen Utensil Challenge:

Take a cardboard box and put all your utensils inside.

(I have utensils in three drawers plus two utensil caddies on the counter.)

For one month, as you use a utensil from the box, put it back away in a drawer or caddy.

Whatever you didn't use at the end of the month, donate!

I love these kinds of tricks because I know I'm holding on to too much stuff and in a small house, it becomes a real problem.

Now what to do with that bread machine? The classic "We might want to make our own bread even though we haven't made a single loaf since we lived in Venice."