Lemon Fresh

It's the last day of summer vacation and boy does it feel like it! The heat came in overnight and I've been slurping down ice cold water with a slice of meyer lemon from my MIL's abundant tree.

lemon fresh

We had a swirly lemon cheesecake after dinner tonight to celebrate getting through a long, hard summer. The Noodle has mixed feelings about returning to school: happy to see his friends and teacher again, sad to be away from me and a little nervous about the responsibilities ahead of him in second grade. (Is worrying hereditary or what?)

I have mixed feelings too: happy and elated. Ha. I will miss my little guy but I am in desperate need of time to myself. I'm not sure what I will do tomorrow, it's going to be a scorcher around here. I don't want to work too hard on anything, I want to enjoy the bliss of doing nothing before everything ramps up to full effect.